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Svarbox®, online chats.

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Effective WebMeasure®, Websites.

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Watchdog®, monitoring.

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Modernus® service covers the following:

1. Access to all data measured either by Effective Webmeasure® or the Enterprise Edition, Potency®. By applying for this service, permission follows to insert a unique measurecode to one URL and approximately 200 webpages or to save the measurecode on own server (if the website is dynamic).
2. Daily and Weekly Reports inholding info on Audiance and usage. These reports contain the most important key numbers of the use of the website plus information about any ineffeciency concerning the website, if Webdog® is activated (read about Webdog® below).
3. Unlimited storage of data. The database of Modernus stores all measured data for our costumers, for as long as the business co-operation continues.
4. A special monitoring system for websites. Webdog® is an secure system that monitors websites. The system checks the connection to the site every fifth minute 24 hours a day. Information about bad connections and other inefficencies is saved in the database. Warnings, containing problem description and error number, are sent to webmaster, if the website does not respond properly. All warnings are sent by e-mail, but webmaster can also request to receive warnings by secure SMS in addition. Each SMS warning costs EUR. 0,4. Notice there will be no extra cahrge via receivers phone bill; all charges for this service goes through Modernus. The monthly fee for Webdog® is EUR. 9,9 per server, and users may activate Webdog® themself.
5. Phone courses, advice and help. Modernus offers all new costumers a phone course concerning the use of Potency®, free of charge. Also, general help and guidance concerning technical details, such as how to insert the measurecode, create page names are offered free of charge by Modernus. All of our employees speak English, and we have also employees that speak German and Danish, so it is never a problem to receive information and help.