Insertion of the Modernus measurecode


Rules and simple guidelines

For information about the measuring code please use our Svarbox service.


1.a. The javascript code cannot be altered in any way, other than to put in values of variables. These variables are "page", the name of the page and "portion", the web portion the page is part of.

1.b. Only those webs that have active web portion measurement should change the portion variable.

2. The code can only be used on pages belonging to the domain the counter code is intended for. The domain for the code is visible at the top of the code.

3. The code should be well isolated from the rest of the page and not be mixed with other code in the page.

4. The code should only be used in the main content frame in every window, if frames are being used.

5. The code should be placed in the bottom of the page, but above the closing tags </body> and </html>.

6. The code should not be placed in extra frames that are displayed in the same browser window as the main content. This includes pop-up windows, menu frames, toolbars, ad bars etc.

7. The code is around 22 lines and should not be altered. If any line breaks get added to the code it can affect the measuring. Refrain from using complex GUI tools to insert the code. Simple text editors like Notepad cause the least amount of problems.

8. The following symbols cannot be used in page names:


9. The measuring code starts with the line: !-- Virk vefmæling® byrjar --! and ends with the line: !-- Virk vefmæling® endar --! This is a registered trademark for the counter with the Icelandic Trademark Bureau and cannot be removed from the code. The javascript code is the property of Internet á Íslandi hf. All rights reserved.


The following are simple instructions regarding the insertation of the measuring code and communications with Modernus:

Before the insertation of code begins please make sure that it is the appropriate code for the domain. At the top of the code you can see for what domain the code is intended.

a. Copy the code directly from the file that Modernus sent or from the web interface (>> Settings > Effective Webmeasure > Javascript measurecode) and paste into the html page or template that should be measured.

b. Use a simple text editor when inserting the measuring code and refrain from using tools such as Microsoft FrontPage. They are known to alter the text when inserted and cause the code to stop working.

c. Instructions for dynamic web pages:

For optimal results place the code at a fixed place in the footer of all pages, such as a common footer template.

d. For assistance, please use Svarbox. Please make sure that Modernus cannot help directly with inserting the measuring code.

Good luck.

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